The QR code of "Dokushiri, Kiki-Ippatsu!" for Smartphone

Dokushiri, Kiki-Ippatsu!
Dokushiri, Kiki-Ippatsu! For Smartphone
icon_mobile.png Link to "Dokushiri, Kiki-Ippatsu!" for Smartphone

Toriko x Coco (Torikoko, Toriko SEME / Coco UKE) Comics
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I made the QR code of "Dokushiri, Kiki-Ippatsu!" for smartphone.

This QR code represents a URL,

QR code...
quick response code,
two-dimensional bar code commonly used by Japanese mobile phones to link to URLs

By using the app,
the QR code that you can read the URL easily.

I'm using a mobile (Camera phone).
It's very convenient! (^▽^)/
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