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[Introduce] HARIKONOTORA's Works Series - Whitebeard x Ace -

In somewhere website or Internet,
you might find these works and images that have been uploaded illegally.
If you find,
please do not look at it.
My works do not free.
My heart is very hurt.
Please buy my works in the shop of regular.
For example, DLsite.com.
This is a compelling desire from me.

[Introduce] HARIKONOTORA's Works Series
- Whitebeard x Ace -

Thank you for buying my works at DLsite.com!
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About HARIKONOTORA's Works Series
- Whitebeard x Ace -

Whitebeard x Ace series,
they would works stuffed with a variety of maniac.

...Although i think to say that maniac,
it might be exaggerated.

The couple ( or coupling ) is
Whitebeard x Ace.
(Whitebrerd SEME / Ace UKE)

Whitebeard is about three times the size of Ace's body...?
Age difference is 52 years old fittingly!

i think,
that part can be said to maniac.

If it include the creation period,
these works were created between 2011-2013.

These comics were a lot of the number of pages.
Therefore, 1 work have required 1 year period.

There are 3 works.

Please let the commentary,
because there was a theme to each.

Whitebeard x Ace Comics Vol.1
BYAKKA -White Flame-

The theme is "Consensual Sex".
A basis is the original base.

They like each other,
Make Love after it walked up little by little.

Whitebeard x Ace Comics Vol.2
MESHIBITO - Rookie of the submissive flesh -

It is different from the previous work,
The theme is "Coercion/Compulsion".(by force)

A basis is close to the original.
Story of after Ace was defeated by Whitebeard.

Whitebeard x Ace Comics Vol.3

The theme is "Nasty".
and another theme is
"if Ace is sold to Whitebeard".
That is the beginning of the story.

This work is close to a parallel world.

...Opportunity to be creative 3 works,
It is because i wanted to enjoy Whitebeard x Ace from every point of view.

Inflatable my imagination
and complementing imagination...
and think how to representation at the scene and picture...
i have created these works.

Through these works,
i'm glad these feelings when transmitted to you.
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