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started English translations of "MISOSOGI"

This time,
I decided to use a translation service (DLsite.com's Distribution Partner) for the first time.

The reason,
my digital doujin of activity because it will be 10th anniversary in 2015.
the beginning my digital doujin activities,
"MISOSOGI" is the my original work of the first time.

For English translation was a paid service,
the cost of about 24,000 yen took.
I was relieved that it was me subsided within budget. (-o-;)
(Because I had imagined additional costs would take)

It was able to create the English version,
it is just 4 pages and 88 pages of comics.
but I believe would you enjoy surely.

I am just now,
I'm waiting for the English text that characters speak.

If I got a text that has been translated,
and typesetting in comics,
I'm going to complete the English version of "MISOSOGI".

I want to be completed by the end of October 2014... (>o<)

Please wait and look forward to the English version of "MISOSOGI" is to complete.

Thank you for reading my poor english always. (^o^)
posted by HARIKONOTORA Midoh Toraku at 12:01 | My Diary
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