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The first character I'd drawn in decades was a submissive.

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I'm of the same mind as the title of this article.
The first character I'd drawn in decades was a submissive.

I drew the characters I drew in my original doujinshi a long time ago, and when I drew them again in an erotic manga, they were really erotic!


From the original work [The Four Kings], which is being penciled in for color drawing, Houbu-Ou x Koshou-Ou.

I'm working with a vector layer in Crysta, and it's much...much easier to process the hair, It has been a tremendous, tremendous help...!

No matter how much I draw my character's hair with bouncy ends...

This is really a perfect layer for the long-haired character [Houbu-Ou x Koshou-Ou]...!

So I have started to pen a few more, and I have replaced the introduction image of [The Four Kings], which is on notice at DLsite.

I will update this page when the color paintings are done.

I would like to update the DLsite notice page as the work progresses...

[Upcoming Works] Yonin no ou (The Secret History of the Four Kings: Houbu-ou -The Honeymoon of Kings-)



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