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November 2023 New Releases.

* Click here for a link to the article in Japanese.

Scheduled to go on sale at DLsite on Friday, November 17, 2023 (currently under review at DLsite)
The original "Four Kings (Yonin no ou)" series of character books titled "Urahon" is now on notice at DLsite...!

For adult [Upcoming Works] [Urahon-Sousei] Four Kings - The Honeymoon of Kings -

A trial version is available, so please check the text size, etc.
* Exclusive for DLsite.com/DLsite Garumani
* The price is 100 yen (excluding tax), so there is no campaign.

* There is no comic book because it is a text book (illustrations are included at the end).
* It was originally intended to be a preparatory issue for adult comic "The Secret History of the Four Kings: Houbu-ou -The Honeymoon of Kings-", which is currently under preview...!
But it became too voluminous, and I decided to make it official as a "Urahon"... (Total number of pages: 244)!

I also wrote an article about it on Ci-en, so please refer to it!

I will report again when the book goes on sale...!

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Thank you for buying my works on DLsite!
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